Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do You Love Sketches???

If you love sketches as much as I do, you are definately not going to want to miss this. Kristine, over at Creative Scrappers has put the first 50 Weekly Sketches into one downloadable pdf. file for your convenience. Make sure to click HERE to check it out and get your download. Kristine is always so thoughtful to her community and blog readers and so while you are there, leave a comment and let her know you got your download. Thanks Kristine!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. Ours was a rainy holiday, but we spent the day watching movies and just spending the day together. We got to spend Saturday evening with our favorite soldier, Trev and had a wonderful evening just hanging out, chatting and eating pizza. We are so thankful that he is home safe and sound and we pray every day for the safe and swift return of all our troops.

I was hoping for a return of my scrapping mojo over the long holiday weekend, but as you can see, that didn't happen. Things have been up in the air with my new job and some health issues with the hubs for the last few weeks and I just can't seem to get my head back in the game. Send me some mojo if you have any extra...please!!!! Have a wonderful week everyone!!! {{{HUGS}}}

Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, as you can see by the looks of things around here, things are a changin'! So how do you like the new look? I have been such a bad blogger lately, so I thought a whole new look would give me some motivation. I sat down at my computer yesterday and got started and it didn't take too long for me to remember that I DON'T DO THIS COMPUTER STUFF!!!!!!! I get way too frustrated too easily, which is definately not good for my stress levels and even more so....not good for my hubby's! Thank goodness I have an awesome friend that I knew I could call and she would come to my "blogging rescue"!!! (Hubby and the kittys were also very grateful!) Yes....my dear, sweet, understanding, thoughtful, helpful and just all around great friend, TAM came to my rescue! She patiently tried talking me through the steps to get this all accomplished but between my computer not cooperating and my brain definately not working in the correct mode, the stress level was not good for either of us. Tam had me email her all the files I had purchased, my logins and passwords for my accounts and told me to step away from my computer and take a breather. It wasn't long before the phone rang and she had me get back on my computer and I was thrilled to find that it was all done and just beautiful! All I had to do was put my sidebar info back in and I was set to go! Isn't she just the BEST???

I am sending out some huge {{{HUGS}}} and huge THANKS to my dear friend
Tam and I want her to know how very much "I wub her!"

The next change I am excited about is that I am going back to work...finally...WAHOO!!!! You have no idea what a help this will be for our finances and budget and will make a difference in our lives for the better. I have accepted a position with a transportation company that provides medical transportation for patients with that need. I will be doing the billing for their transportation to insurances, medicare, medicaid, etc...and the very best part is that I can do it right from my own home. All their billing is done online......WAHOO, again! I am beyond thrilled and can't wait to get started. I have to travel on Wednesday evening to sign my contracts and then have one more training session and then I can get started! I will be able to work whatever hours I want, and as some of you that know me well....that could be at 2 am...LOL! I'll keep you updated on how it's going!

My scrap mojo has been hiding out from me for the past could of weeks, but the things below are the things that I did manage to accomplish at the Spring Fling Crop at
Back Porch Memories, back at the beginning of May. It was a wonderful crop and the girls at BPM did an awesome job. I have been hanging out there a bit since the crop and getting to know the ladies over there. There are several ladies there that I have been friends with for a long time, so it's great to have another place to hang out with them. They are all so wonderfully talented and I am getting alot of inspiration from them all. My sweet friend, Deb, has recently joined the Design Team at BPM and she is doing such a wonderful job.

I started a diet and exercise program a few weeks ago and that is another change that I have made in my life recently. The past year or so has been filled with so many health issues and the weight has added on with my lack of being able to exercise, medications, etc.....and I am hoping to make a big change in my life with this also. Wish me luck!!!

I am not someone that will blog everyday because, well....my life it just a tad boring for most and I am not at all good with witty banter.....but I do plan on posting at least once a week and letting you know what is going on and showing you my creations if there are any. Take care and have a wonderful week!!!