Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check This Out!

Well, my mojo is still missing and if it's not back by the first of next week, check back and I might be offering a reward to the person who finds it and sends it back. The new job has been going well and this is going to be such a great help for hubby and me. I just completed my first week and I am really liking the work so far. I think I have finally got things organized so I know how to schedule things so I have plenty of time for work and also for my now I just need some mojo!!!

Until I have something new to show you, head on over to my dear friend Tam's Blog. She is having an awesome giveaway of one of her wonderful mini albums and definately want a chance to win this one! I can tell you first hand how wonderful her mini albums are. I was so lucky to have received one as a gift from her a few months ago and I just treature it. So get your butts on over there and check it out HERE!

Have a good week!!!